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The Sinai Desert is the perfect place to disconnect from the world. You will encounter no one. It'll be just you and your Bedouin guides. And peace.

This trek was right up my street, and so I joined Insights Seekers for a trek over new year's eve in 2022-23 and the experience was UNREAL! Here's an account of my experience:

December and January are popular months to visit Egypt as the temperatures are cooler. It was the first country that came to mind when planning a trip for this time of year.

After having my heart broken in late 2022, I desperately searched for a trip that would distract me, yet challenge me. I stumbled across Insights Seekers whilst I was looking for information on treks in Sinai. The tour's promise of healing, detoxing the soul, and leaving behind all that was and all that wasn’t in 2022 was highly appealing.

I spoke to the founder, Belal, who told me of his personal experiences that led him to create Insights Seekers. He doesn't organise huge tour groups that bus hoards of tourists to the desert. He organises intimate trips that allow for self exploration and adventure. I admired his desire to help people emotionally and mentally and, not long after, I signed up.

The experience was amazing. I trekked with an amazing group of people, experienced camping in the desert, slept under the stars, and was able to reflect on my reasons for being there, in the desert, with a random group of strangers.

If the photos haven't convinced you of trekking in the Sinai Desert and you're looking for more information, check out the below and drop me a message if you still have questions!

Why Should I Go?

Experience life in the wilderness of the Sinai Desert. You will find no groups of tourists, no tour buses and no mobile reception. It’s the perfect place to disconnect from the world and be present with your small group of trekkers and your Bedouin guides. Or you can simply not talk to anyone during the trek. Because that's okay too.

Go! Before everyone catches on.

Can I Trek in the Desert Independently?

It is not possible to trek the Sinai desert without a Bedouin guide. There are no trails, markings, nor signs to indicate the routes and, once in the desert, you’d easily get lost.

What's the Itinerary?

There is no set itinerary for treks in Sinai with Insights Seekers. There is a rough plan, but depending on the pace and fitness level of the group, the itinerary can be adjusted accordingly. However, everyday started with an amazing breakfast and the meals at lunch and dinner were spectacular. Belal is a foodie so don't expect anything less than great.

Also on our trek, we got the chance to do a little climbing, play in the deep canyons, and also meditate in the tranquility.

How Long is the Trek?

New Year's Eve in the Wilderness trek takes place across 3 days with 2 nights camping in the desert. It is the best way to see in the new year, watching the sunrise over the mountains of the deserts.

Insights Seekers are holding more 3 day treks this year. Contact them on Instagram or Tripadvisor for availability.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost is $298 (USD) per person. For the food and the experience you get, it is extremely great value.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Take backpacks only. Depending on the route, a truck will carry the bigger items and bigger backpacks for camping. You will need a day bag for water, a camera, tissues and personal items needed whilst trekking.

If possible, leave unnecessary items in your hotel or hostel including wheelie suitcases. Most accommodation are happy to store luggage.


TOUR OR EXPLORE (independently):


As much as I would love an adventure trekking alone in the Sinai desert, it is not recommended without a Bedouin guide. The desert is huge and you can easily get lost. Trekking with Insights Seekers will allow you the experience with a small group of like-minded campers.

Sinai Trail - another option

The Sinai Trail is a new trekking route that connects Bedouin tribes across the desert in Egypt's longest multi-day desert trek. The total trek covers 550km and takes a total of 54 days!

Of course, it's possible to do parts of the trek along the official Sinai Trail but they are still long, multi-day treks. For more information, check out their website and dates of their treks are on their Facebook page. Perhaps I'll see you at one!

Do you have any questions? Please post them here and I'll do my best to answer them!


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