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Egypt is a conservative country so, to respect their culture and not attract attention to yourself, it’s best to dress accordingly.

Here is a list of the essentials:

  • long trousers

  • long skirts (below the knee at least)

  • t-shirts

  • long-sleeved shirts

  • swimsuit

  • cap or hat

  • underwear

  • socks

  • comfortable footwear for walking

  • light scarf

  • sunglasses

  • refillable water bottle

  • mosquito repellent

  • suncream

  • hand sanitiser (I didn’t find any in the stores there)

  • toothbrush and toothpaste

  • chapstick

  • photocopy of passport (just in case)

  • printed copy of e-Visa (they kept mine at the airport upon arrival)

  • printed copies of all tickets bought in advance (trains, etc)

  • day bag to carry water, camera & essentials

For the Winter

If you’re planning your trip for the winter, you will want to add these, especially if you get cold easily like me!

  • leggings to wear under your trousers or thermal trousers

  • a light jacket or fleece

  • a couple of sweaters

  • thick socks

  • neck buff

  • beanie

For Desert Treks and Hikes

In addition to the above, you’ll definitely want to pack trekking essentials if you plan to spend a couple of days exploring the sandy lands of Egypt, like Sinai or the White Desert.

I recommend to include:

  • performance t-shirt/long sleeved shirt (e.g. moisture-wicking fabrics)

  • trekking trousers/shorts/leggings

  • trekking socks

  • trekking footwear - does not have to be boots. I trekked in trainers with a decent sole and they were also lighter to carry.

  • thermals for both top and bottom for the desert nights (winter)

  • a thick, warm jacket for evenings and nights (winter)

  • foot and hand warmers (winter) - these saved me on Mount Moses

  • gloves (winter)

  • head lamp

  • wet wipes

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