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February 2023

"You’re too old. You should be getting married. You should be having kids."
I had all of these thoughts too.

At 31, I was a successful VP working for an investment bank in London. I had my own flat, a dream wardrobe, a bank account that kept me more than comfortable. However,...

I was single. I was alone. I was unhappy.

One day, my mum suggested travelling. I was taken aback. Who is this and what have you done with my mum? This is not something a typical Asian mum says. I must have been miserable!

The usual excuses came to my head.

I’m too old. I’m supposed to be settling down. I have a mortgage to pay.

But then, I realised that all those things didn’t matter. I had no ties, no kids. I could rent out the flat which would cover the mortgage. I could easily get another job when I returned. The idea suddenly didn’t seem such a bad option. And so,

I quit my job, moved out of my flat, packed my backpack and set off around the world.

Several years later, I still travel, taking trips of 3 months, 1 month, a few weeks, whatever I can manage. I’ve learnt many things on my travels but, if there’s one important thing I’ve learnt, it’s that you’re never too old to do what you want. Especially travel.

Here are my 8 reasons as to why you should

travel in your 30s.

1. You’re mature enough to know what you want

Your 20s are great. You’re free to experience as much as possible and have tried everything you want. Now, in your 30s, you understand what your preferences are. Whether you’re into the outdoors, museums, sports activities, the culture or you’re a foodie, you’re more likely to know what kind of trip you’d like to take. This makes for a trip that is much more rewarding and better value.

2. You’re interesting!

You’ve lived a life. You’ll also meet more interesting people who, like you, have lived a life. They’ve worked, they've had life experiences and that makes them more interesting. Just like you.

3. You earned it

You’ve studied, maybe graduated from uni, you got a job and had a career. Now it’s time to reward yourself. Go and live an adventure. And, if you decide to return to work, you’ve got the work experience to help you slide back into a job without too many issues.

4. You can afford it (hopefully!)

By the time you’ve reached your 30s you’re, more likely, to be better off financially than you were in your 20s. Perhaps you’ve been saving, or you’ve decided to start saving for that big trip. Now is a great time to do something with it.

And, if you can’t afford it, there are now lots of ways to work whilst travelling. From working remotely on an island, to relocating your current job abroad, there are many options to consider!

The future is uncertain and may never come. The present is all you have. Go and live it!

5. You’re less likely to make the mistakes you made in your 20s.

Overdoing it on the booze, kisses with the beer goggles on, a stolen phone when you absentmindedly leaving your bag open… Although they’re mistakes you never want to make anywhere at any age, it’s likely you’ll make them when you’re young and learning life's ways. It’s safer to make mistakes in your home country. But, when you’re in foreign lands it’s more stressful. There are different languages to consider, medical services can be tricky to obtain, travelling time is consumed and consequences can be more serious. You’re smarter now. Hopefully!

6. You’re more curious

Long gone are the days when you’re just interested in getting drunk.

It’ll still happen. The spontaneous ones are always the best!

However, you’re now interested in other things when travelling. Whether it’s the culture, the food, the people, or simply just disconnecting from your world, you’ll learn and see so much more.

7. You have more confidence

Okay, it's not always the case, but having stumbled your way through your 20s making mistakes, learnt your alcohol limits and learning about yourself, you’re likely to be more comfortable in your skin. It’s possible that you’re no longer self conscious about meeting new people and you don’t care about what people think about you, what you look like, etc. Plus, as you meet more open minded people, you realise that they don’t discriminate and will happily enjoy your company. Which, in turn, gives you more confidence!

Also, when you're travelling, something magical happens. A new place can give you life, and excitement, and you suddenly find yourself doing things you wouldn't do at home, like skydiving, or trying strange foods! Just being somewhere else can give you confidence!

8. You’re in need of a change

During your 20s you’ve worked, had a career (or several!), and perhaps you’re stuck in a rut with the routine. Whether it’s two weeks or two months, a trip that’s different from the everyday adds a bit of excitement back into your life. Get out of your comfort zone and have an adventure!

Help is available!

If you’re looking for an adventure but have no one to go with, and you’re not comfortable being a solo traveller, there are now travel agencies that organise many trips that bring solo travellers together, so that you’re, well, not solo.

Companies like Flashpack are specifically designed to organise trips for travellers in their 30s and 40s. WeRoad also have many solo travellers on their trips and divide groups according to age groups.


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