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October 2018 (Updated November 2022)

Singalila National Park is known to the atypical travellers. The explorers who find out about it whilst on the road. The adventure seekers who don't follow bucket lists, nor the crowds.

Here are 5 big reasons why it beats the other treks in the region.

The View

Many people head to Nepal for famous trekking routes, such as the ones to Annapurna. To be fair, the view of Annapurna is incredible. However, this lesser known route offers views of all three amazing mountains - Kangchenjunga, Makalu, and Everest spread out before you, as if on display, in all their glory.

Lack of Crowds

It’s not as crowded as other more popular treks, like those in Nepal. Back in 2018, we did this trek in October, and although there were other trekkers, a lot of the time we were completely alone. Even when we did see other trekkers, they were small travelling groups and we didn’t feel like we were in a tourist trap at all.

The Sunrises

For the first few days at 5:30am, most trekkers are up and out, setting up their camera equipment or huddled in a spot with a clear view ready for that special moment when the sun appears over Kangchenjunga. And it’s magical.


Along the route, you’ll be introduced to a drink you won’t find down in the towns, nor the cities. Tongba is an alcoholic-based drink made from home grown, organic millet. It is drunk through straws from a wooden cask that is filled with millet seeds. The liquid is underneath and, once finished, it is topped up with hot water so you can continue drinking. It helps warm up the body from the inside and, as it’s organic, there’s no hang over the next day 🙂

Beginner Friendly

The Singalila Ridge Trek is a good multi-day trek for first timers in the Himalayas. If you’re a regular trekker, you’ll find this route enjoyable, but it’ll still be a challenge.

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Tour or Explore

Verdict: Explore

This trek can be done independently or with a tour group. If you'd like to stay safe but want a personalised experience, you can hire a guide for just yourself. Our guide, Sachin, was brilliant and I'd highly recommend him. If you're looking for a guide for your trek along the Singalila Ridge, contact me for his details and I'll pass them on to you!


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