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December 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Which means living in a different country from all of the friends you grew up with and all of your family is tough. As a huge Christmas fan, the price of going home for Christmas is never too much. With low cost direct flights being aplenty, I'm one of the lucky ones.

However, this year, the cost could stretch beyond the budget.

With tough restrictions in place, this Christmas isn't going to be the same as other years. Which provokes the questions.

Should I even be thinking about travelling home for the festivities?

What if I have the virus and I am asymptomatic?

What if I pass on the virus to my family?

What if I pick up something during the flight?

just take a PCR

"Just take a PCR" said my partner. A possible solution. Take a test and you're decision becomes a whole lot easier.

Obviously, if you have symptoms you can take a PCR test at the docs for free. It's included in the national health service. However, if you want a test because you're planning on going against the official medical advice, you're going to have to go private.

I investigate.

€140! This is the price of the PCR some friends paid when they flew to Italy for work. That's more than the cost of my flight!

I dig more.

A quick check of the list of risk countries and I see that us Brits have successfully made it on there. Well done.

Suddenly the cost of a two week break to see my family is the price of a two week holiday in Majorca.

  • one way flight to London €34.99

  • add a suitcase full of gifts + €25

  • take a PCR test before flying €124 (I found somewhere slightly cheaper than my friends)

  • take a mandatory PCR test before returning to Spain €195 (£175 - possibly a little cheaper if you're in London)

  • flight back to Spain €111.98 (with a layover in Barcelona, there really are no direct flights scheduled at the moment for January!)

Total cost of Christmas with my family: €490.97

Time with my family is priceless. But this year, it could be a little steep for an English teacher.



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