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November 2022

You've made the excellent decision to see the Hà Giang Loop by motorbike and now it's time for the practical stuff! The weather varies during the year in this area of Vietnam so be sure to check the weather and climate carefully before packing.

We travelled the Hà Giang Loop early November 2022 so for the autumn, we had some great hot, sunny days but depending on where we were, the temperature at night meant that we needed layers!

Here's what I'd recommend packing for the Hà Giang Loop:

  • Layers for November - March. We went in early November and during the day the sun was hot so some of our group were in shorts and t-shirt/vest tops. However, if you're sensitive it does get breezy on the bike so we preferred long trousers/capris and a jumper on hand. On day 2 the route was very dusty so a change of clothes is good if you're bothered! The drivers may provide ponchos in case it rains. The further into winter it's more likely to rain and be cold during the day. During the nights the temperature drops so I'd definitely recommend a jacket or warm outer wear. Thermals and gloves and a hat will be useful as the humidity can make it feel a lot colder up in the mountains.

  • Swimwear. Depending on your itinerary you may get the opportunity to take a dip. We stayed in Du Gia Village close to a small waterfall where people had a refreshing swim. Towels were provided by the homestay.

  • Sunglasses. Protect your eyes during the day and shield them from the dust on day two if your helmet doesn't have a guard to pull down.

  • Suncream. The air might feel cool as you zip through the mountainous air but the sun is still strong.

  • Passport. You'll need this to register in each accommodation.

  • Cash. All accommodation and food is included in the tour but it doesn't include soft drinks nor alcohol. We didn't buy any extra drinks nor alcohol because the happy water was enough for us but our group did buy drinks on the last night as they sang karaoke! There are also yummy local snacks along the route and I bought a nice hemp bag made by a minority community.

  • Camera equipment. If you're an avid photography there's no problem bringing camera equipment as long as it can all fit on the bike comfortably.

  • If you need it, shampoo and soap. From our experience, the accommodation on the route only provided ones in small sachet packets.

  • A bumbag or small crossbody bag for your cash, phone, camera and essentials. Your overnight bag will be strapped to the bike and it won't be easily accessible during the day.

  • A face mask. On day 2 the route was very dusty and our clothes, hair and belongings were full of road dust by the end of the day!

  • A cushion for your bum! An impractical yet valid suggestion from my mum. On the last day my bum and thighs were so sore from sitting on the bike that it was such a relief every time we took a break. Day 2 sees bumpy roads so your body takes a bit of a beating!

Bring only what you need for the 3 days. The bags are strapped to the bike so wheely suitcases will not be carried and bulky bags will make it uncomfortable if you're with an easy rider. Easy riders will carry their own bag at the front of the bike by their legs. A little bit of planning and smart packing will make a much more comfortable journey!


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