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Are you ready to learn about an unforgettable trekking experience in Sapa?

Here is a suggested itinerary for a two-day, one-night trip from Sapa town to the surrounding villages.

Day 1

Start your day with a hearty breakfast before taking a taxi to the entrance of Y Linh Ho Village. Use Thuyền Mây Homestay as a reference point, and the taxi driver can direct you to the right spot.

Once you arrive, follow the path downhill and take in the breathtaking view of lush rice fields. You will likely meet some women from the Black Hmong ethnic group who may try to sell you homemade bracelets or purses.

As you continue walking, you will enter Lao Chai Village, where you can find numerous stores to buy souvenirs, and restaurants to take a break for some food and drinks.

If you visit during term-time, you may see local children playing in the streets, and they are accustomed to tourists and won't disturb you.

If you have some extra time, consider a detour to the bamboo forest. It is marked on Google Maps and is a steep uphill climb, but the stunning view from the top is definitely worth the effort!

Continue on to Ta Va, where you will encounter an open space filled with ducks, puppies, and buffalos. At the main road, you can choose to end your trek and flag down a taxi back to Sapa town. Or, if you wish to stay in the rural areas for the night, check out one of the homestays along the main road.

In October, many of them are closed, but Hao's Homestay is an excellent option. Although the hosts did not speak English, we communicated using the universal language of hand gestures, and after a short phone conversation with their son (who did speak English), they hospitably offered a comfortable room and a simple dinner of hot noodles for 200k dong.

Day 2

On the second day, you have the option to explore more villages and go deeper into the rural areas of Sapa. Unfortunately, we had to return to the city, but this taste of trekking in Sapa was an unforgettable experience!


Trekking in Sapa is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Vietnam. The stunning views of the rice fields, the friendly locals, and the homestays all make for a memorable experience. Don't hesitate to give it a try!


Tour or Explore?

Verdict : Explore!

With a little research and a map, you can easily explore the rural villages of Sapa independently. While the language barrier may be a challenge, especially if you have dietary restrictions, communication apps can help overcome this obstacle. You don't need to pay for a group tour to enjoy the beauty of Sapa's countryside and to immerse yourself in local culture. Spending time with the friendly locals is an enriching experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. However, if you're seeking a deeper connection and a more comprehensive understanding of Sapa's way of life, hiring a knowledgeable guide who can translate and explain local customs is an excellent option.


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